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Amazing Red Carpeted Street – Nature’s Best

Amazing Red Carpeted Street – Nature’s Best

Amazing Red Carpeted Street - Nature's Best

Since trees are mostly green, people can’t help but be mesmerized when they see trees with red leaves. The season of fall is the time for enjoying red trees. After all, red, along with yellow, orange, brown and purple, are the colors of this season, evident in the foliage that are lush at this time.

Some of the best red trees during autumn are baldcypress, sugar maple, red maple, black tupelo, sourwood, aspen, sassafras, sweet gum, and Japanese maple.

Baldcypress provides a stunning red orange color. Sugar maple, which thrives in warm weather, also turns into shades of yellow, orange, and green during other seasons.

Red maple is mostly yellow or deep red. It can grow as high as 60 feet. Black tupelo, despite the name, has almost all colors but black. It has bright red, purple, yellow, orange, and scarlet.

Aspen, a major attraction in the Rocky Mountains, turns from yellow to red in the fall. Sourwood doesn’t just mesmerize you with its red leaves, but also entices you with its fragrant smell in the early summer.

Sassafras has a vibrant display of medium green leaves that turn into red orange, purple, scarlet and yellow during autumn. The glossy red and star-shaped leaves of the sweet gum tree turn into green when spring and summer arrive. Finally, Japanese maple, a short tree, has dramatic red and purple leaves before the arrival of winter.

Image Source: favorite-season.tk
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